Prepare, Apply, Finish

To support product’s high quality only full-grain cowhide leather can be chosen. While this type of leather is known to have its own characteristics, it is important to understand how to maintain it at its best condition. Therefore, important to know that over time, the leather will acquire a unique sheen and the color can become richer as the repeated wearing polishes it. 

Likely, the leather is treated by waxes in order to keep its smooth texture and elasticity.Each product is therefore slightly different due to product hand crafting process and leather natural texture variations.


The best way to clean the full-grain leather is to gently wipe it with soft damp cloth, afterwards allowing it to dry naturally. Over time leather might lose its moisture, then natural leather balm or wax polish will help to protect and nourish the leather.

While enjoying your beautifully crafted product avoid keeping it close to extreme temperatures, storing on wet surfaces or rough handling which may lead to de-pigmentation and damage. If the leather gets wet let it dry naturally away from direct heat surfaces. Finally, if there are watermarks, apply a little leather balm if necessary.


Remove excessive dirt by using soft cloth.


Use small amount of leather balm on the cloth and work over the surface of the leather.


Remove excess balm from the surface using a dry rag.