Craftsmanship and traditions

We stand for contemporary design and careful material choice intended to be unforgettable to touch experience. What began as an idea of leather accessories in a simple and minimalists design has since flourished, to become an established brand of accessories. 

Our first product was the leather computer case. Since then, it has been the central product of the brand. We chose a traditional path of crafting the product by hand to give the personal finish to each item. We strive to achieve the physical product with individual characteristics. 

COROIS, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Our Roots

In 2017 started in Riga, Latvia and the year after changing our location to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we continue to evolve our collection. We always select a sustainable partner in order to choose the highest-grade material so that we are able to make products of distinctive quality. In the essence, knowledge combined with practical work beautifully harmonizes with the product we represent.